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Records Information Management

Looking For Document Storage?

In this information age, first-rate records storage and management is essential to businesses not only to meet regulatory and space requirements, but to remain competitive and cost-effective.

Orbit Document Ltd knows that your business's success demands that you can store, manage and access all of your information in a safe and secure environment.

We offer a suite of services to store and manage your records in a secure off-site location under strict confidentiality. Our more than 30 years' experience in the market and our global presence enables us to deliver all kind of documents and have them available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Values:
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Accuracy
  • Simplicity
  • Cost-Effectiveness

Don't just take our word for it...

Our experienced personnel will retrieve the information you request, and our fully trained, bonded couriers will transport the requested documents in our insured vehicles designed for safe, secure transportation of critical information.

We offer conventional records storage centers as well as climate-controlled storage equipped with a fire suppression system. Moreover, our record centers are located at elevations safe from storm surges and flooding.

Our services are comprehensive. We will deliver to and pick-up boxes from your office. If you don't have time to pack your boxes; we will empty your filing cabinets, classify, catalogue and index your boxes, and transport them to our facilities.
To safeguard and manage your records, turn to Orbit Document Storage for state-of-the-art and secure records storage and management services.
We provide our document collection, storage, retrieval and destruction services to customers across the whole of Cyprus. Tailoring solutions for Organizations of any size - from small, independent businesses, to large, multi-national companies within a diverse, cross section of industries, such as:

Legal - Financial - Medical - Architectural
Retail Pharmaceutical - Hotels- Supply Chains

Literally any company who generates paperwork and has an obligation
to ensure security and improve efficiency.

Whether you're a large company or a small business, our specialists work with you to tailor document storage and archiving service that fits your business needs and budget.

Regardless of size or the nature of business - ALL of our customers are guaranteed to receive the same high quality, personal service.

We ensure that our comprehensive document storage services remain straightforward, traceable and competitively priced.

Your Records, your choice, your service
  • Specialists in the secure archive storage with rapid & efficient retrievals
  • Individual bar coding of all items to facilitate retrieval of files
  • Secure door-to-door deliveries - same day, overnight or next day
  • On-line access to view or request files and boxes
  • Digital and hardcopy retrieval options
  • Pro-active retention management conforming with legal and regulatory compliance
  • Confidential document destruction with certification and recycling
  • Records Management Consultancy
  • Secure and confidential document shredding services

How it works
  • Records are stored on open file racking or within rapid access archive boxes with a traceable barcode
  • Individual files or whole boxes are recorded using familiar descriptions to help you quickly locate or order them online
  • Files are tracked in and out of store electronically using barcodes and hand-held data terminals
  • Clients can track their requests online and receive a detailed monthly statement of their file withdrawals and deposits
  • Complete or part files can be scanned and returned electronically as pdf images, or the physical file can be delivered and returned in their original format
  • Supplementary documents can be sent to Orbit Document Storage for filing onto previously stored records
  • Several flavors of service delivery is offered tailored made to your needs and budget
  • 24/7/365 access to your repository files

Document Imaging

Orbit Document Storage offers document scanning and imaging services, both large and small volumes, through its unique division of Document Imaging.

The variety of imaging approaches available is extensive. The basics involve conversion of paper to electronic images through OCR for indexing purposes to PDF or TIFF format files.

Those files are stored in a tailored made as per your needs database using your current or our proposed user-friendly software using meaningful keywords (i.e. client name/number, invoice number etc.).

Confidential Distraction

In the current economic climate, we understand that very few businesses can afford to let money slip through their hands! At Orbit Document, we adopt a proactive method to help all of our customers control their ongoing storage costs.

Many secure file storage companies wait until their clients provide them with a destruction date for their files. But at Orbit Document Storage, we like to do things differently! In line with our 'Partnership' approach to all our customers, we agree with you a review date for all your records before they come into our safe keeping.

Our Annual Reports on customers' files ensures that every customer is kept informed of the destruction review dates, reminding them to sign off the destruction of an old, un-needed item, and potentially help you to save money on storage costs.
  • Annual retention reviews
  • Secure and confidential destruction
  • Environmentally friendly recycled waste
  • Destruction certificates
  • Audit compliance

Once records have been signed off for destruction, they are confidentially shredded, pulped and recycled. A destruction certificate is issued and your archive database is adjusted to show which records were destroyed on any given date.

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